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Injection Molding Efficient Production To Mold Your Quality Products

Toolsong offers a variety of molding techniques to optimize your product’s performance, aesthetics and manufacturability, and deliver many manufacturing advantages by assisting you with part design, mold manufacture to injection molding. Our low volume molding and high volume molding include but not limited to below services:

  • Thickwall Optical Parts Injection Molding

    One of our main specialization is producing thick-walled optical parts for automotive light guide and projector lense. We use patented technology in multi-shot molding and single-shot molding, and well control moulding complications such as joinery line, sink mark, gate marks, rainbow effect, internal surface deviation, etc. 
  • Over Molding

    We mold one material over another one to form one finished product with the help of two or more molds. To ensure plastic materials well bonded together mechanically and chemically, we design and make each mold meticulously, and perform the molding process with great precision.
  • Two-shot (2K/3K) Rotary Injection Molding

    This is regarded as an efficient and cost-effective method of molding plastic parts with two or more plastic resins or colors in one operation. Through independent nozzles on one moulding machine, we can get custom components with integrated functionality, aesthetics, multiple colors and materials.
  • Insert Molding

    Insert molding is using a preformed part—often metal—that is loaded into a mold where it is then overmolded with a thermoplastic resin to create a final component. This results in quicker assembly time, less part weight, reduced part size, and cost-effective production.
  • Thermoset Injection Molding

    Thermoset molding is injecting the cold material into a hot mold to form a part. Due to its properties of corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, unique electrical and thermal insulation, thermoset molded parts are ideal for electrical and electronic applications, for instance, BMC reflector for vehicle headlight, etc.
  • Other Molding

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  • For high-grade results in pressing and moulding of various materials, we combine highly specialized tooling and moulding engineers, use the state of the art technologies, and develop individual lines for you.

  • Our flexible and collaborative work environment enables us to consistently deliver high-quality components on time and respond well to unplanned requirements.