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Automotive Interior & Exterior Mold Manufacturer

Since the fast development of electri vehicles and gas-electric hybrid vehicles, Toolsong becomes the preferred choice for automobile plastic parts with high precision, versatility and light weight. The projects we engaged are bumpers, grilles, doors, fenders, side mirrors, side panels, instrument panels, consoles, cooling fans, etc.
  • Mold For Automotive Bumper Lower Guard

    Mold For Automotive Bumper Lower Guard

    Steel P20, mold tonnage 29T, hot runner system valve gate, very efficient and balanced cooling system.

  • Mold For Bumper Guard

    Mold For Bumper Guard

    Germany steel 1.2738H, cavity quantity 1, plastic material ABS, hot runner 5 drops.

  • Mold For Bumper LH+RH

    Mold For Bumper LH+RH

    Scania truck front bumper mold with steel 718H, cavity L+R, highly efficient cooling system in mold.

  • Mold For Auto Radiator Grille

    Mold For Auto Radiator Grille

    Car radiator grille mold with steel 2738HH, standard components: Misumi. Hydraulic cylinder: Parker/Vega.