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Working from concept through design, production, we provide a complete, innovative resource center for molders and OEMs in home appliances, commodity, agriculture, and other industries. We have the ability to deliver a turnkey mold package that meet the client's quality, surface finish, and cycle time requirements.
  • Mold For Plastic Chair with Armrest

    Mold For Plastic Chair with Armrest

    Steel 718H, PP material, cycle time 55s, 1 cavity, 1,000T moulding machine, ejected by hydraulic cylinders.

  • Basket Injection Mold

    Basket Injection Mold

    Steel 718H, PP/PE material, 1 cavity, 4 sliders for demoulding, 500,000 shots.
  • Paint Bucket Mold

    Paint Bucket Mold

    Steel 718H, PP material, including body and lid. Molds are shipped to Europe.

  • Crate Injection Mold

    Crate Injection Mold

    Steel 718H, HDPE material, cycle time 45s, 1 cavity, semi-auto or full-auto.