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Automotive Lamp Mold Manufacturer

We are proud that we've played a key role in the design and manufacture automotive lamp molds for many great cars and trucks. With our know-how and the comprehensive experience from innovative projects, we provide field-proven solutions to meet the unique requirements of automotive lamp, for instance, its high standards of aesthetics and optics, complex assembly relations, etc.
  • Taillamp Housing Mold

    Taillamp Housing Mold

    Injection mold for taillamp housing, part material PC+ABS black, Synventive hot runner open gate 2 drops, LH+RH, mold steel 1.2344ESR/ 2738HH, mold life 500,000 shots.

  • PC Reflector Mold

    PC Reflector Mold

    PC black reflector mold with hot runner system direct gate, high glossy without base coating. Mold steel 1.2343ESR/718H, fully automatic demould.

  • Twin Shot Headlight Lens Mold

    Twin Shot Headlight Lens Mold

    The twin shot lens mold is different from the mono lens. Twin shot mold has independent injection system, special rotating mechanism and cooling system. In addition, the core side and cavity side are inverted to ensure the 1st molded parts are on the core side.

  • Bi-color Lens Mold

    Bi-color Lens Mold

    Bi-color lens mold for auto front lighting is equipped with HRS hot runner, 2L+2R, and total weight is 16.2T. Germany steel 1.2343ESR is used for fixed side and movable side. Mold can produce 500,000 shots with the robot.

  • Headlight Cover Mold

    Headlight Cover Mold

    Headlamp molds have very high requirements as headlamps provide illumination ahead of the vehicles with low beam and high beam functions. Headlamp assemblies consist of lens, housing, reflector, bezel, projector lense, light guide, etc.

  • Front Lamp Housing Mold

    Front Lamp Housing Mold

    We work with leading suppliers for mold components and spare parts.

    Mold base: DME/HASCO/FUTABA/LKM.


    Hydraulic cylinder: Parker/SMC/HEB/MERKLE/HPS.