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Automotive Lamp Mold Manufacturer

We are proud that we've played a key role in the design and manufacture automotive lamp molds for many great cars and trucks. With our know-how and the comprehensive experience from innovative projects, we provide field-proven solutions to meet the unique requirements of automotive lamp, for instance, its high standards of aesthetics and optics, complex assembly relations, etc.
  • Taillamp Bi-color Lens Mold

    Taillamp Bi-color Lens Mold

    The bi-color taillamp lens mold has quite complex P/L surface, mold construction and cooling circuit. No matter twin-color or three-color mold, we have very mature technology to design and make the molds.

  • 2K Fog Lamp Lens Mold

    2K Fog Lamp Lens Mold

    In mold manufacturing, good steel such as 1.2343ESR/1.2344ESR, NAK80, 1.8407, SMV3W, 1.2738HH and 718H, is widely used in lens molds to ensure long mold life and high-quality product.