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Optical Part Mold Manufacturer

Over the years, we have deepened our cooperation with OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 organizations from part conception, optical simultation, mold manufacture to component moulding for plastic reflector, thickwall light pipe and projector lense. The most importance is, we can ensure accuracy requirement to meet optical regulation.
  • Thickwall Light Guide Mold

    Thickwall Light Guide Mold

    High glossy PC thick-wall light guide, using HRS hot runner, 1.2343ESR steel for core and cavity. Mold weight 2,280kgs.

  • Thick Light Guide Bar Mold

    Thick Light Guide Bar Mold

    We make quality light guide molds for OEM and Tier 1, and provide in-house light guide molding service. The part surface is without sink marks and flow marks.

  • Light Guide Injection Mold

    Light Guide Injection Mold

    PC transparent light guide mold with HRS hot runner system, mold cavities LH+RH. Moulded light guide weight 375g, Mold dimension 1320*760*719mm, mold weight 4,400kg.

  • Light Guide Mold For Turning Lamp

    Light Guide Mold For Turning Lamp

    Rich experience in making thick light guide molds with adequate cooling channels through both sides. No bubbles, no sink marks, and no other moulding defects. 470T moulding machine.

  • Thick Optical Part Mold For Car Logo

    Thick Optical Part Mold For Car Logo

    This thick-wall part is for VM logo. PC material, high gloss, part weight 72grams, HRS hot runner, 2 cavities, mold weight 890kgs.

  • Thickwall Optic Part Mold

    Thickwall Optic Part Mold

    Thickwall optic part molds are produced under high pressure and low speed, which need very high strength. Mold precision should be very high as many inserts combined. Good venting is required.