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Optical Part Mold Manufacturer

Over the years, we have deepened our cooperation with OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 organizations from part conception, optical simultation, mold manufacture to component moulding for plastic reflector, thickwall light pipe and projector lense. The most importance is, we can ensure accuracy requirement to meet optical regulation.
  • Transparent Light Pipe Mold

    Transparent Light Pipe Mold

    The light pipe can be longer, or even up to 1,300mm in length. We can ensure uniform light distribution through excellent mold design and precision mold machining.

  • Head Lamp Light-guide Mold

    Head Lamp Light-guide Mold

    Light guides can taper or flare or change their cross-sectional shape. No matter what shapes, we can produce the most complex molds in required precision and photometric standards.
  • Headlamp Light Pipe Mold

    Headlamp Light Pipe Mold

    The optical serrations are stitched for better machining and adjustment. The processing of light guide requires smooth machining paths, balanced cutting force, uniform allowance, etc.

  • Light Guide Light Integrator Mold

    Light Guide Light Integrator Mold

    We build molds for different sizes and shapes of light guides for headlamps and taillamps, no matter simple cylindrical or complex shapes.

  • LED Light Guide Mold

    LED Light Guide Mold

    For LED powered light guide mould, the optical surface is manufactured by high-speed CNC with the speed of 60,000RPM.

  • Clear Light Pipe Mold

    Clear Light Pipe Mold

    To achieve uniform homogenization of PC or PMMA light guides, we cross-check the photometric design in the design stage, and use cutter R0.05 in mold machining.