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Auto Part Mold Manufacturer

  • Automotive Front Bumper Mold

    Automotive Front Bumper Mold

    Germany steel P20, YUDO hot runner valve gate 10 drops, nice parting line and smooth part surface.

  • Bumper Long Grille Mold

    Bumper Long Grille Mold

    Grille dimension 1580*230*280mm, steel P20, Chinese hot runner open type, two versions with replaceable inserts.

  • Bumper Mold for Scania

    Bumper Mold for Scania

    Truck front bumper with steel 718H, L+R, highly efficient cooling system in mold.

  • Bumper Lower Guard Mold

    Bumper Lower Guard Mold

    Germany 1.2738H, 1 cavity, ABS material, hot runner 5 drops.

  • Bumper Radiator Mold

    Bumper Radiator Mold

    Germany 1.2738H, 1 cavity, ABS material, YUDO hot runner 5 drops.

  • Automotive Radiator Grid Mold

    Automotive Radiator Grid Mold

    Radiator injection mold, using steel 1.2738/NAK80, 1 cavity, YUDO hot runner.