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  • 2K Injection Mold For Projector Lens

    2K Injection Mold For Projector Lens

    The part thickness is 30mm, and molded by3 layers. Parts can be processed from 2K injection machine directly to shorten the cycle time and improve production efficiency and quality.

  • Light Guide Injection Mold

    Light Guide Injection Mold

    Our light guide molds can reach optical regulations without any polish. The cooling channel is used for heating to ensure thermostatic production. Mold steel NAK80/1.2343ESR/1.2344ESR/8407.

  • BMC Reflector Mold

    BMC Reflector Mold

    1) Optics is critical to any BMC reflector mold, which need high precision machining.

    2) The sand holes on the optical surface which may be caused by air traps should be solved.

    3)The heaters should be equally distributed in the mold for uniform temperature.

  • Thickwall Light Guide Injection Mold

    Thickwall Light Guide Injection Mold

    A simple, reliable and balanced ejection system is required for light guide molds. The hot runner system is HRS, mold steel is 1.2343ESR/1.2344ESR with heat treatment, standard part is Hasco.