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Twin Shot Mold Manufacturer

Toolsong has more than 10 years' experience in making twin shot molds for 2K/3K lens, bezel, and other customized products. By far-sighted mold design, process simulation, and the finest equipment available to achieve extremely close machining tolerances, we get perfect moulded parts which can meet aesthetical standard and functional standard. 
  • Rear Lamp 2K Lens Mold

    Rear Lamp 2K Lens Mold

    Double color lens mold for tail light. This is hot runner mold with sequential valve gate, PMMA material, 2L+2R, mirror polish. Mold produces automatically on 1,300T moulding machine.

  • 3K Lens Mold For Tail Lamp

    3K Lens Mold For Tail Lamp

    Tricolored tail lamp lens mold with mold steel 1.2738HH and 1.2343ESR, HRS hot runner sequential valve gate. Mold dimension 1,380*900*874mm, mold weight 5,100kg.

  • Fog Light 2K Lens Mold

    Fog Light 2K Lens Mold

    PMMA rear fog lamp lens mold with electroformed reflectors. Part material PMMA red and PMMA clear, 2LH+2RH. Mold steel 1.2343ESR, mold dimension 1121*710*871mm, 500T double shots molding machine.

  • Bi-color Lens Mold

    Bi-color Lens Mold

    Bi-color lens are molded with PMMA material. Mold cavities 2LH+2RH, HRS hot runner system, mold dimension 610*520*582mm, core and cavity steel 1.2738HH, mold life 500,000 shots.
  • 2K Backplate Mold

    2K Backplate Mold

    Twin shots PP-T20/TPE black backplate mold for automotive lighting, hot runner side gate, part surface textured, mold dimension 560*700*685mm, 650T Haitian moulding machine.

  • Bi-color Backplate Mold

    Bi-color Backplate Mold

    Double color ABS+TPE black backplate mold for car taillamp assembly, 0.5% shrinkage, hot runner side gate, 2LH+2RH. Part weight 68g (ABS), and 17g (TPE). Mold dimension 900*680*627mm.