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Twin Shot Mold Manufacturer

Toolsong has more than 10 years' experience in making twin shot molds for 2K/3K lens, bezel, and other customized products. By far-sighted mold design, process simulation, and the finest equipment available to achieve extremely close machining tolerances, we get perfect moulded parts which can meet aesthetical standard and functional standard. 
  • Tail Light Cover Mold

    Tail Light Cover Mold

    In 2K mold design and development, we need a balanced configuration injection system, hot runner system, cooling system, etc. Two cores and two cavities should be perfectly fitting.

  • Taillamp Mold

    Taillamp Mold

    High-precision finishing in a single process on the P/L surface and part surface is essential. It enhances the machining efficiency and accuracy, reduces the time of polishing and clamping, and guarantees the part quality.