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  • Headlight Cover Mold

    Headlight Cover Mold

    Headlamp molds have very high requirements as headlamps provide illumination ahead of the vehicles with low beam and high beam functions. Headlamp assemblies consist of lens, housing, reflector, bezel, projector lense, light guide, etc.

  • Front Lamp Housing Mold

    Front Lamp Housing Mold

    We work with leading suppliers for mold components and spare parts.

    Mold base: DME/HASCO/FUTABA/LKM.


    Hydraulic cylinder: Parker/SMC/HEB/MERKLE/HPS.

  • Taillamp Bi-color Lens Mold

    Taillamp Bi-color Lens Mold

    The bi-color taillamp lens mold has quite complex P/L surface, mold construction and cooling circuit. No matter twin-color or three-color mold, we have very mature technology to design and make the molds.

  • 2K Fog Lamp Lens Mold

    2K Fog Lamp Lens Mold

    In mold manufacturing, good steel such as 1.2343ESR/1.2344ESR, NAK80, 1.8407, SMV3W, 1.2738HH and 718H, is widely used in lens molds to ensure long mold life and high-quality product.

  • Patanted! Bi-layer Projector Lense Mold

    Patanted! Bi-layer Projector Lense Mold

    The thickwall projector lense is made by rotational molding, which has a similar working principle as 2K/3K molding. Using our patented technology to reduce the cycle time.

  • Bi Xenon Projector Lens Hi/Lo Beam Mold

    Bi Xenon Projector Lens Hi/Lo Beam Mold

    Plastic mould for bi-xenon projector lens with both high beam and low beam. Optics can be designed by our experienced optic engineer to meet different regulations.