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  • Single Color Headlight Lens Mold

    Single Color Headlight Lens Mold

    Clear PC lens mold for headlight, shrinkage 0.6%, UV coated on lens surface, 1LH+1RH, HRS hot runner, mold dimension 1,280*960*1,280mm, 1,300T moulding machine, cycle time 90s.

  • Front Lamp Lens Injection Mold

    Front Lamp Lens Injection Mold

    The headlamp lens has a high standard in its aesthetics. The core-pulling line, lifter line and side pattern are the key. Mold with HRS hot runner into cold runner, fully automatically running.

  • Headlamp Housing Mold

    Headlamp Housing Mold

    Headlamp housing mold for project SX11, material PP+T40, part weight 869 grams, hot runner system, mold size 1,500*770*1,027mm, molded by 1,000T Haitian machine.

  • Head Light Housing Mold

    Head Light Housing Mold

    This headlamp housing mold needs a very good cooling system to avoid part deformation. Mold steel 1.2738HH mod (38-42HRC), hot runner system side gate, moulded by 1,050T Haitian machine.

  • Bi-color Headlight Bezel Mold

    Bi-color Headlight Bezel Mold

    Bi-color headlight bezel mold for Chinese Dongfeng T5. PBT material, direct coating, steel 1.2343ESR /1.2738HH. Welding lines, flow marks and distortion should be prevented or optimized in design stage.

  • Headlamp Bezel Mold

    Headlamp Bezel Mold

    Bezel mold for vehicle headlamp, PC aluminized surface. Tooling dimension1,100*850,1,215mm, mold tonnage 7,300kg, molded by 1,050T injection machine.